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Josep Miller - Co-Founder & CEO

Josep brings a wealth of expertise as a technology enthusiast, system architect, and blockchain engineer to Sobajaswap. His dedication revolves around decentralized systems, with a particular focus on blockchain, functional programming, and AI engineering. Commencing his career as a technology engineer, Josep's fascination with blockchain prompted an exploration into the core products of decentralized networks and chains. He has played a pivotal role in shaping wallet technology products and architecting systems for DeFi programs, showcasing a commitment to advancing innovative solutions in this dynamic field.

Inika Hirano - Head of Business Development Team

Inika brings a wealth of experience and strategic insights to our team. With a proven track record in fostering partnerships and driving growth, Inika plays a key role in shaping and expanding our business initiatives. Her dedication to forging meaningful connections and identifying opportunities propels our ventures forward, making her an invaluable leader in the realm of business development at our organization.

Giinshi Tonico - Development Manager

Giinshi boasts nine years of extensive financial expertise and trading acumen. Having entered the blockchain arena in 2015, Giinshi transitioned to Sobajaswap as a Development Manager, providing valuable guidance and support to the project. Giinshi keenly observes the slow integration of Web3, recognizing the multifaceted reasons contributing to its gradual adoption.

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