💎SOBA Token & Tokenomics

$SOBA Token Basics #

SOBA is the native utility token of the Sobajaswap ecosystem. Besides using as an intermediary exchange and providing liquidity Soba. Its uses are staking, boosting yield farming, liquidity, and giving holders voting rights.

To participate in voting, users can stake their SOBA tokens to receive veSOBA, which acts as the platform’s governance tokens.

SOBA plays an exclusive role in the Sobaswap ecosystem by being used as gas fees in Paymaster, which is revolutionary in the zkSync Era.

  • Pay Gas Fees with SOBA on dApp Protocol (staking, boosting liquidity)

  • Pay Gas Fees with SOBA on Trade Mint NFT Protocol

SOBA token solved the problem of ETH dependency ecosystem Sobajaswap Protocol on the zkSync.

SOBA is an ERC-20 token that lives on the zkSync mainnet, Contract information can be found here.


Total and Maximum Supply of SOBA


Current Circulating Supply of SOBA

120,000,000 (6 % of total token supply) IDO

Token Allocation

AllocatePercentage (%)SOBA

Private (pre-sale)


of the total token supply

Public Sale IDO


of the total token supply



of the total token supply

Liquidity Pool


of the total token supply



of the total token supply

Strategic Partners


of the total token supply

Community Treasury + Incentive


of the total token supply



of the total token supply



of the total token supply

Token Release Schedule #

A Revolutionizing Transactions: Pay Gas Fees with SOBA on dApp Sobajaswap Protocol

Sobajaswap Protocol a dApp may cover fees for its users so that its offering is cheaper than a competitor

  • An NFT marketplace may offer to pay the transaction fees so that new crypto users don’t need to obtain some ether to buy their first NFT

  • A service may offer the ability for a user to pay with any token, e.g a stablecoin, to remove the need for the user to first swap to ether

Sobajaswap Protocol also wants to underline that this functionality is enabled by using one of the most important features on the zkSync network — Paymaster.

Paymaster allows users to pay gas fees in SOBA tokens, instead of the native ETH token. The Sobajaswap Protocol plan deployed our specific paymaster using our Soba SDK a “Paymaster as a Service” product, that enabled us to specifically configure its usage to match the use cases dApp ecosystem Sobajaswap Protocol

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