🏹Our Mission

Empowering a seamless UX to onboard the first billion users to Web3

Sobajaswap moves beyond the traditional design of DEXs to focus on offering a tailored approach that prioritizes composability.

The protocol is implemented as a set of persistent, non-upgradable smart contracts designed to prioritize censorship resistance, security, and self-custody,

Sobajaswap brings one solution for enabling Account Abstraction. Account abstraction turns every account into a smart contract with its own logic. This is huge because it enables everyone to have an account adapted to their needs, making crypto secure and easy for everyone with seamless compatibility.

Our mission support users can easily take advantage of high-speed, low-cost transactions with the same security on DEX. we are bringing a one-click experience to dApps and accelerating the mass adoption of crypto for personal sovereignty.

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