Sobajaswap is the first DEX on zkSync Era with Native Account Abstraction which offers the most seamless UX to onboard the next billion users.

Account Abstraction on Sobajaswap drives mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and revolutionizes how we interact with digital assets.

Account Abstraction (AA) simplifies dApp transactions, making them intuitive for users.

Native Account abstraction seamlessly on dApp transactions, making them intuitive for users.

Account abstraction mitigates operational friction by facilitating gasless transactions.

Whether conducting financial transactions, minting membership NFT/SBT, or deploying smart contracts, users can bypass the need for native coin balances.

Allowing users to pay with various tokens and simplifying the user onboarding process

Native Account abstraction allows contracts to authorize transactions and pay gas fees, streamlining interactions and removing the need for intermediary steps. AA aims for backward compatibility with the ERC-4337 framework, ensuring a seamless transition for projects already using Account abstraction.

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